Past Projects

Here’s a summary of the work we’ve done:

April 2012 – 14 – Opportunity Bristol – mentoring and placement work. Jobcentre Plus customers through TCV Partnership, with mental health support available. Funded through Bristol City Council

December 2009 – Dec 2015 JCP Support Contract provider – sub-contractor to Pinnacle People. Delivering motivational jobsearch training modules, group work and mentoring. 3500 customers on JSA or ESA, all age ranges including lone parents

July 2006 to Sept 2011 – New Deal Gateway Provider – sub-contractor with Seetec. MH Counselling sessions based on a 6 session module + Mental Health Assessments based on a 2 session module.Customer groups 18-24, 25+ and Lone Parents. 2426 customers through the whole New Deal period

2004-06 2Progression2 GOSW ESF Project – partnership with 3 other providers – total 250 beneficiaries with support needs, budget £1m of which £200k under Third Sector. Social enterprise plus modular back-to-work training programme including group training, advice work, placements and individual support. 55% ESF positive outcomes. Beneficiaries mainly on IB

2004-06 Bristol City Council Pathways to Work – Placement provider with sessional advice and support work. Referrals from Jobcentre Plus through WPSD/Futurewest

Current started April 2003 Contract holder with each of 4 Local Authorities within West of England providing work & training projects for people with additional support needs on ESA and IB. Work experience, placement, training delivery up to level 2 in partnership with FE college. Referrals from mental health teams/social work departments/hospitals

2003 – June 2006 JCP New Deal Provider, West of England District –MH Counselling and Personal Needs Support (Mental Health Assessment). Direct contract with JCP

2002-03 Ways to Work GOSW ESF Project – similar to 2Progression2 – 220 total beneficiaries – 56 under Third Sector Solutions – 65% ESF-range outcomes

Previous service delivery

1999 – 2003 New Deal Provider, W of England District – Counselling & Mental Health Assessments. Direct contract with JCP

1997 – 2001 Two ESF programmes delivering NVQ training qualifications and social enterprise developments

1995 – 2002 Work Preparation JCP direct contract – advice work and placements for disabled people

1992 – 96 Delivery partner under ESF Horizon and EU Helios programmes (both transnational)